Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a few teasers

Here are a few select poems from our upcoming issue of the Aeolist:
**note: we are always accepting admissions on a rolling deadline for each issue**

And Yet He Sings
     by T. John Anderson

New York
sex above the city
a cigarette to lament
     drifting smoke
          from the balcony

In the summer he came to me
smelling of white wine and pistachios
and he beckoned me
across the dark room,
across the sleeping bodies
to the sagging bed where he lay
in his underwear singing softly
to the peach-colored dawn.
I crawled to his side
and I did not sleep.

Back home
smells of sweat and
corn in August
smells of Kentucky
bourbon on my tongue
and his tongue
on my tongue
What everyone else knows about him
I chose to forget

girls, boys looked at him
he looked back thinking
I was not looking
If I could rewind this ribbon
I would not write
                             what has been written here
He sings to himself.

he sings to someone else.

finals week
by Joe McGlone
bitter jitters pulse
twitches and fiddles
the 6th cup of coffee
burns my bitten lips

ink smudged fingers
postulate and linger
in a spinning, weightless place
with no point of reference

utensil in hand, i never knew before
just how hard it was to
draw a blank

by Christina Peterson
Blue crystalline eyes that are too
indicative of his
states of mind.
Deep sea diving
or shallow end strolling,
I never know which
suit to prepare.
Guilt fueled lust
or motherly concern
are always to be expected.
Oedipus would be impressed
by this incestuous obsession.

But I will not do the honor
of plucking out my eyes.
Because I believe in
cowardice before virtue.
His bouts of affection,
be they verbal
or full of touches
steer me towards
a haze
of shame and love.

Also, here is a photograph from Isabel Reidy's Portraits of Life collection.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


We will be releasing a November/December issue of the Aeolist.  You can send submissions to

Hey there, we know its been quiet around here.  Several of you have submitted things, and we have received them, and told you they would be published.  However, due to my busy school schedule, I've had to scale back the time to devote to this project.  We will be releasing bi-monthly issues, unless submission volume increases drastically.

Additionally, if you live in the Bloomington or Terre Haute area, I have some extra issues of the Aeolist in my apartment that ended up not being distributed.  Check Soma coffee house and Boxcar Books for copies of our October issue (Bloomington) and/or Coffee Grounds and Corner Grind (Terre Haute).  You can still order it at our store.  Its $.1.50 for US postage.
EDIT: Terre Haute locations will have issues after Thanksgiving  

A final note:  The Modern Lies label will be releasing Fragment 61B's debut demo in an addition of 25.  This will be available exactly at cost in January.

For now, here is a rough demo of a Fragment 61B track with the tentative working title, "little one."  This track is largely incomplete and will likely sound different on the release.  Also, this song is extremely harsh, and contains lots of feedback and noise.  

If this isn't your bag, we've also got an acoustic/lo-fi indie bedroom project that's getting its sea legs and hopes to have a release sometime this spring.

Submissions for bands are open as well.  Send us some sound in our gmail, (be it mediafire, soundcloud, whatever).  

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Aeolist Issue No 1 October 2011

Here it is!  The first issue of The Aeolist, a creative zine featuring essays, poetry, short stories, photography and illustrations from a variety of artists around the world.  You can download the .pdf here.  Feel free to print it out and give it to your friends!  Alternatively, you can order one from our online store.  It is also free, just pay shipping.

We'd love to hear feedback; post it here or email us at

Here's to the experiment that print can be a free medium too!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First Publication Oct 10

The first issue of the creative zine The Aeolist will be released Oct 10.  More info to come!